It is said that the Earth once had two Moons. The first moon’s gravitational force grew into an intense attraction for its smaller sister, and it became impossible for her to resist. Their inescapable impact fused them into a single orb.

They were destined to become ONE. 

Nature’s most spectacular events, like our lives’ most precious memories, are defined by moments of union.

The attraction of opposites, the first encounter of two lovers, a cautious kiss, the hug that bonds intimacy, waves unfolding as they shroud the sand, and the sun melting into the sea at dusk.

A singular moment of union shows us how nature and humanity find harmony and eternal beauty in an inseparable instant. That can last forever, or pass in the blink of an eye. 

The collection takes its name from the Latin word for “union”: UNA.

Inspired by the timeless attraction of opposites in life, and throughout nature, it is captured in the most anticipated moment: bonding.

As fragments of the universe, brilliant and baguette diamonds define each piece in an infinite seeking of one another.  

At the centre of each creation, a knot symbolizes the harmony between the two elements, finally united as ONE. 

Each piece in the collection features a unique treasured technique that Stenzhorn began to master since two decades ago, and revived it again recently in celebration of the brand’s 40th anniversary.

Reminiscent of shimmering stardust, the creations’ brilliant diamonds are singularly invisibly set at different heights to evoke fluttering star fragments, still falling from the sky.