honey honey

Stenzhorn’s Honey Honey collection takes the honeybee’s hexagon motif to new heights with a collection in white and warm rose gold featuring baguette cut diamonds.

From the evolution of the Bee Mine Collection, the honeybee’s sacred structure becomes the focal point in Stenzhorn’s design.

Honey Honey is intended to emphasize the geometric repetition to express sweet connective love.

Stenzhorn's contemporary, and highly symbolic, Honey Honey collection gives your daily apparel a sweet touch of minimalist elegance.

The Designers Note

Throughout history, the hexagon has held spiritual significance. It is the connecting center of universal coherence, a symbol of divine and spiritual immortal power where each hexagonal molecule symbolizes a product of life.

Comprised of six sides, it is said that the number six is symbolic of love and union; a sacred number for the goddess Venus.

For centuries, the allure of the honey bee has inspired intellectuals and artists to immortalize bees into their work.

Stenzhorn’s Honey Honey collection is a tribute to the plight of the honeybee and marks the interactive ‘link’ between man and nature.