The journey starts at Sunset, when a soft, glowing light appears from the sky, casting a veil of magic over the world. In both chapters, the complete and half-circle forms are reminiscent of the blazing orb of the sun on its path from a perfect ball of fire to a fading form, slipping out of sight. Just as the sun's intense rays fill the sky, transitioning gracefully into the beginning of the night, our designs mirror this captivating journey.


The energy of shooting stars burning through the ether is achieved with diamond pavés and streams of rubies set into elliptical sweeping curves of gold tipped with marquise-cut diamonds.


The mystery of the waxing and waning of the moon and twinkling night stars are exquisitely portrayed in two pairs of hoop earrings. Different in design, both are equally awe-inspiring thanks to their daring designs and clever use of gem-setting techniques. 


As morning approaches, the golden fingers of dawn paint the sky in luminous colours. Swathes of diamonds capture the glory of billowing clouds, while rubies paint the sky in streaks of dramatic red.