High Jewellery

Bursting from distant lands and the deepest seas, moments of colourful discovery in the life of Stenzhorn’s founder continue to fascinate and inspire us.
Through the soulful lens of these diverse experiences, art, culture and nature breathe life into the most extraordinary jewellery.

“I believe that to own a piece of our jewellery is to make an exotic corner of the world your own: from a fiery African sunset to the landscapes of the Amazon rainforest.” – Klaus Stenzhorn

rhine romance

A Valley of Secrets

Steeped in mystery and romance, lies enchanting flower meadow of imperishable white. Stenzhorn’s Rhine Romance collection captures the jewel-like beauty of each new spring bloom.

the noble ones

Inspiring power of virtue.

Ancient Chinese symbols for the four seasons take elegant form in a magnificent bouquet of flower jewels. 


The Peony Princess collection is a dedication to

romance and honour of the heart.


Dahlia stands out being a symbol of

inner strength, grace and passion for life.

Floral High Jewellery


Hortensia, the flower that brings joy; a tribute to

the creative free spirit.


Mother Nature's gardens
are always filled with beauty and happiness.

The tale of a courageous fairy reminds us how important it is for all of us to keep and protect it.


"In a garden, in the beauty of spring: your presence.

In the shade of an arbour, flowers flutter into each other..."

butterfly lovers

The Triumphs of Love
Transcending the boundaries 
of life and death, shape and form.
United forever.


“…and then I saw elegant creatures running wild lands, and they were like beautiful savages” - Klaus Stenzhorn.  

autumn on the seine

"A light breeze catches the leaves,

swirls like magic carpets ..."

iced zeit

The pure might of Mother Nature, as affirmed by the Ice Age. 

Iced Zeit is an explosion of brilliants, baguettes, and Carré cut diamonds.


Awaken the Goddess within.

The virtues of Venus, Luna, Aurora and Diana are further immortalised in four heavenly necklaces of diamonds, emeralds and rubies.


Boundaries are redefined with veils of gems that

follow the curves ofthe body like the silkiest fabric.


love keepers

"Love, the most beautiful secret

your heart can keep."



Brilliant diamonds are singularly invisibly set at

different heights to evoke fluttering star fragments.