The Ovidio collection takes its name from Ovid's highly-influential Latin narrative magnum opus, ‘Metamorphoses’.

Encompassing more than 250 myths, this epic opus describes the historical creation of the world, and touches on a wide variety of themes in the process.

Of all these themes, Ovid places transformation at the forefront, and solemnizes it in the opening of the poem “In nova fert animus mutatas dicer formas / corpora,” meaning: “I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities”.

Each of the epic’s artistic components maintain a narrative tension in a creative process that challenged nature’s laws and tested the writer’s own boundaries. This genre-defying fear-lessness is at the heart of Stenzhorn’s hypnotic Ovidio collection.

Considering every step, from stone selection and cutting to assembling, it would take a single man six months to complete a single necklace or bracelet in this high jewellery collection.

Myriad separate gold compartments, created using bespoke tools, hold the gemstones in precise place and allow them to follow the curves of the body like the softest fabric.

After 25 years of devoted research and development by our founder, Klaus Stenzhorn, the Ovidio collection elevates the handmade invisible setting flexible technique to new heights of flawless complexity.

Metal becomes concealed by a veil of gems, tightly pressed against one another to form a seamless mosaic pattern. The harmonious perfection and silky flexibility of so many parts was only made possible by conquering the natural limitations of conventional invisible setting techniques.

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