As depicted in the verses of this poem, the collection is a
dedication to the vernal beauty of Parisian gardens.

“In the heart of Paris, where romance blooms like delicate blossoms in spring, two souls find themselves entwined in a timeless love story. As they stroll along the banks of the Seine, hand in hand, their love fills the air with an enchanting atmosphere. The sweet scent of blossoms mingles with their whispered promises and affectionate glances. Amidst pastel pink and ruby red hues adorning every petal around them, they seek refuge under a blooming arbour - nature's tribute to their love. Paris becomes their haven on this mesmerising day filled with magic and romance. Every moment is a celebration - an ode to a love that rivals even the most exquisite blossoms surrounding them.”

As you walk along the banks of the Seine, a mesmerizing sight unfolds before your eyes. Delicate pink and bright red flowers sway gently in the breeze, casting a romantic spell over the landscape. The air is filled with their sweet fragrance, creating an enchanting atmosphere that beckons you to pause and savour this exquisite moment. A thousand garlands intertwine above, forming a breathtaking canopy of flowers that seems to dance with joy in celebration of nature's beauty. It's as if time stands still as you immerse yourself in this dreamlike setting—a scene straight out of a timeless romance.

Diamonds - refreshing and bright like an early spring morning

This unparalleled moment has been immortalized through an exceptional high-jewellery collection that encapsulates the very essence of this exquisite scene. The collection showcases a vibrant fusion of intricate petals adorned with glistening diamonds, pink sapphires and invisibly set rubies. The seemingly random arrangement of the petals creates an enchanting dance around the supporting chain, which is adorned with channel-set baguette diamonds. Delicate, flexible gold branches adorned with diamond buds stand ready to bloom, symbolizing the eternal splendour of flowers.

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