The Roman Goddess of the moon, Luna’s name is derived from the Latin word, ‘lucere’, which means to shine. Falling in love with a mortal, named Endymios, the goddess believed him to be so handsome that she asked Jupiter to grant him ever-lasting youth so that he would never leave her side. Jupiter granted her wish by placing the mortal into an eternal sleep.


Roman mythology, Diana or ‘Divine’, was originally queen of the moon and the skies above. Apollo became alarmed at a possible romance between his sister and the giant, Orion. He tricked her into an archery contest, not knowing that Orion was the target in the far distance. Having accidentally killed the giant, Diana was overcome with grief, and turned him into a constellation in the heavens.


The Roman Goddess of the Dawn, Aurora’s name means ‘sunrise’. In ‘Metamorphoses’, Ovid describes her as being forever young, and the first to awaken, bringing the light of day with her, when she rides her chariot across the sky each morning.


Legend has it that Anchises, a Dardanian prince and an ally to Troy, was seduced by Venus, the Roman Goddess of beauty, who had disguised herself as a Phrygian princess. When she revealed her divine identity and their son Aeneas, she warned him never to brag about their affair.
Tragically, Anchises revealed their secret to Jupiter, who crippled him with a bolt of lightning.

The four necklaces of this collection are created in our soft, handmade second skin technique.
Each design is inspired by a particular detail of these Roman goddess legends. For example, Luna - goddess of the moon - is presented as a thin, brilliant cut diamond necklace. When laid down, the necklace recreates the shape of a full moon. The earrings, meanwhile, mastered in the same technique, draw the profile of a crescent moon.

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