The strawberry poison dart frog may be only an inch long, but it delivers a potent message.

Strawberry Poison Dart frogs, are tiny amphibians populating Central America and Puerto Rico. With their unique skin, covered in colorful dots, these dazzling creatures gave inspiration for the creation of this precious collection.

The Strawberry Poison collection presents the dart frog in motion, with three different sizes in a trio of colour variations: all diamonds; rubies and diamonds; and tsavorite and diamonds.

The centre of the frog’s back is covered in diamonds to create a random ‘bubbling’ effect that replicates the rainforest amphibian’s natural texture.

With one hand, the colorful frog protects a diamond heart, symbolizing that the possessor of this ring will be the keeper of the giver's love.

When the strawberry poison dart frog holds, or reaches for a crown, it symbolizes the lover’s desire to conquer the heart of his beloved.