As a tribute to the many cultural interpretations of the peony flower’s virtues, the Peony Princess collection is a dedication to romance and honour of the heart.

In its original home of China, the flower remained the country’s national emblem from the Sui dynasty until 1929.

As an enduring symbol of wealth and honour in the Eastern world, the peony played the role of the rescuer in fairy tales and legends.

In the enduring Japanese tale, The Peony Princess, the flower’s spirit takes the form of a samurai in shiny armour when exposed to music, becoming the saviour of the princess in the story.

Along with fairy tales, a variety of myths have been written to explain the origins of the delicate peony’s name.

In Greek mythology, it was previously ‘Paeonia’: a nymph who turned the head of Apollo. Seeing the girl blush for the god’s courtship, Aphrodite entered a jealous rage and transformed the girl into a red peony.

This is said to be the reason why the flower first came to symbolize romance and bashfulness.



As the necklace embodies three virtues – wealth, romance and compassion – three peonies bloom around a diamond stream, framed in red: the flower’s alluring and captivating colour.


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