Shades of Fall

Inspired by Monet’s masterpiece, ‘Autumn on the Seine at Argenteuil’, comes Stenzhorn’s capsule collection of high jewellery art.

A light breeze catches the leaves, swirling like magic carpets, and carries them over the banks until they reach the quiet water and begin a new journey.

The collection’s large ring, the pendant on a long chain and a grandiose necklace are the jewelled embodiment of maple leaves: a symbol of autumn’s return.

Each piece is made of white and yellow gold, rubies shading into yellow and orange sapphires, with the delicate touch of colourless and silver diamonds.

To accurately convey the outlines and shades of autumn leaves, Stenzhorn set approximately 1,700 stones in the necklace, 600 in the pendant and 800 in the ring.