A delightful spring night

vanished suddenly while we

watched the magnificent Sakura

- Basho


Stenzhorn’s Sakura collection is a celebration of beauty and the joy of life.

Japanese mythology tells of Sakura, the blossom-princess. Her love with the deity Ninigi and his refusal to marry Sakura’s older sister, the rock-princess, was believed to have caused the impermanent nature of human life.

The spectacular annual blossoming of Japan’s cherry trees conjures the understanding that transience is an essential part of beauty.

The appearance and gentle floating of cherry blossoms in a snow-like flurry is highly cherished and it is widely believed that when cherry blossoms are blooming, anything is possible. 

Utilizing Stenzhorn’s beloved invisible setting technique, the Sakura necklace features precious blossoms in different sizes and colour combinations.

Colours range from a joining of white and rose gold to ruby blossoms - chosen for their pinkish floral tones - to delicate shades of pink sapphire, and even carrè cut diamond cups with ruby blossoms.


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