FLUMINA Bracelet with Mother Of Pearl
FLUMINA Bracelet with Mother Of Pearl

FLUMINA Bracelet with Mother Of Pearl


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Introducing the Flumina Bracelet, crafted with 18k rose gold and adorned with diamonds, this bracelet is a true statement of luxury. 

It takes inspiration from the rivers Rhine and Moselle, which flow near the hometown of the Stenzhorn family. The shape of this bracelet beautifully depicts the graceful curves of these two rivers, paying homage to their significance.

With its combination of 18k rose gold, diamonds, and mother of pearl, the Flumina Bracelet is a true work of art that will enhance any outfit. At the center of the bracelet, you'll find a diamond-encrusted S symbol, representing the renowned Stenzhorn brand.

The Flumina Bracelet features a fine gold chain with a sliding system, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the length to your desired fit. This thoughtful feature ensures a comfortable and personalized wearing experience.


Small (19 x 17mm): 18K Gold, Diamonds 0.10 ct., Mother Of Pearl 

Medium (24 x 22mm): 18K Gold, Diamonds 0.18 ct., Mother Of Pearl