FLUMINA Bracelet with Black Mother Of Pearl

FLUMINA Bracelet with Black Mother Of Pearl


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Made with 18k white gold, the Flumina Bracelet showcases a mesmerizing combination of diamonds and Black Mother of Pearl. The diamonds add a touch of sparkle and brilliance, while the Black Mother of Pearl exudes a sense of mystery and allure.

The design of this bracelet holds a significant meaning. The name "Flumina" derives from the Latin word for "River," symbolizing the two rivers Rhine and Moselle, which are near the hometown of the esteemed Stenzhorn family. This connection to the family's heritage adds a personal touch to the piece, making it even more special.

At the center of the Flumina Bracelet, you'll find a diamond-encrusted S symbolizing the renowned Stenzhorn brand. This emblem not only represents the brand's commitment to excellence but also adds a touch of glamour and exclusivity.

The Flumina Bracelet features a fine gold chain with a sliding system, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the length to your preference. This feature ensures a comfortable fit for any wrist size, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion.


Small (19 x 17mm): 18K Gold, Diamonds 0.10 ct., Black Mother Of Pearl 

Medium (24 x 22mm): 18K Gold, Diamonds 0.18 ct., Black Mother Of Pearl